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Rider Interviews
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Interview by : JEREMY

matt white: yea it is
jeremy dong: dude im going to interiveiw u for th esite k
matt white: whats this now?
matt white: interview eh
jeremy dong: yahhh interview haha we need an interview with "theee matt white"
matt white: ight
jeremy dong: aight hahah
jeremy dong: umm what do you look forward to this year?
matt white: a lot of snow, a lot of bitches, and a lot of beer
jeremy dong: k and what about living with bertgentile
matt white: its ok sometimes when he's not acting like an idiot
jeremy dong: have you or would u ever have sex while in a gondula
matt white: o fuck yea, fuck yea i would
jeremy dong: 3 most influential people in your alcholic life
matt white: Bob gentile
matt white: Jeff burton
matt white: smokey the bear
jeremy dong: has skating influenced your snowboarding in the past couple years
matt white: i'd say it was teh other way aroung
matt white: snowboarding influenced my skating
jeremy dong: i see haha what about inline skating
matt white: fuck froot booting
matt white: lol
jeremy dong: ha and who do you look forward to riding with most this season
matt white: Robbi Chapman

jeremy dong: alright well that was cool get the fuck out peace